5 Mobile Apps for History Lovers

You know what they say. History is life's teacher. If you want to understand the present, know what to expect from the future, you need to learn at least the basics of the past. History is exciting because it's so relative and unpredictable. At the same time, it's mind boosting and inspiring. Whether you're a fan of ancient history, contemporary or any other historical period, it always sounds as a good idea to learn as much as possible about history.

If you are a real history buff, and enjoy exploring the glorious historical events, legends and important figures throughout the history, you don't have to search the libraries and loads of books to get all the literature you need. Of course, there are many ways to learn and discover the magical world of history. You can join tutoring programs or some discussion forums to debate with other history lovers. On the other hand, there are reliable and extensive mobile apps you can use on the go. Also, you can share the most interesting contents from these apps with your friends via social media. These apps are literally made for everyone, teachers, students, history geeks, etc. Here's our choice of the must-have six mobile apps for all the history lovers. All of them are free and suitable for iPhone and iPad. Enjoy!

History TV
TV has this magnificent quality to bring the whole worlds to life before our eyes. In case you feel this way and prefer screen to books, History TV can be your choice of traveling around the amazing world of history. It offers you loads of different series, including full episodes, videos and clips. Moreover, you can create a personalized watchlist, view all freshly added contents, and enjoy the privilege of getting exclusive clips with info not shown on History TV Channel.

World History Dictionary
This app is very handy and created for those history geeks interested in famous battles and associated facts. It has a rich terminology and covers more than 7500 different historical terms. World History Dictionary can provide you with information about wars, rulers and their dynasties, etc. Also, this app offers you some interesting features such as Glyph Translator and This Day That Time. The first feature allows you to translate your own text and the other one presents which historical event happened on a specific past date.

Today In History
This app is your match if you like getting notifications on you mobile phone on a daily basis. Today in History covers all the significant historical events. What is also great about this app is you can either read all historical events of the day or create your own list of events you want to be informed of. This app can also provide you with celebrated quotes from many historical figures. If you like sharing gripping facts including historical ones with your friends, you can go social by sharing the facts of your choice as well as invite your SM friends to comment.

World History Quiz Game
We all love games especially the quiz games. Believe it or not, history can be fun, too. This amazing app allows you to learn history in a more enjoyable way. It includes 150 questions, multiple choice and true/false questions and learn fun facts option.
This quiz app is available in 15 languages and covers a vast range of historical facts. The good thing is this app really supports you with various hints in order to help you hit the question. In case you answer all the questions correctly, you can even get a certificate. Sounds amusing, doesn't it?

Time Travel Rome App
Time travel has always inspired and fascinated people. Lots of books and films were inspired by this exciting topic.

This travel/history app will walk you through the glorious Roman Empire.

The historical and cultural heritage of the Roman Empire is permeated into the world's history like the most delicate golden threads into the fabric. The interest in this magnificent empire never stops.

So, whether you're a history lover, or you have a drive and passion to travel and follow the steps of the monumental Roman Empire, Time Travel Rome app pops up as the great choice.

The main advantage of this app is that it has it all in one place. Conveniently organized, and concise this app provides in-depth information which goes straight to the point. It covers the most important moments in history, art, and literature.

In order to expand your knowledge and understanding of history, we heartily recommend you to follow our pick of the 6 best apps for history lovers. Remember the saying that history is life's teacher. Every time you learn something new about the past you gather more wisdom to successfully deal with the present and to stream to the future with more confidence.