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september 06, 2019
The New 2.0 Version with 7000 Pics is here!
Big IT developments always take time. No surprise then that it took us the whole summer to test, to debug and to improve the new functionality of Timetravelrome: Visuals. But we are really happy with the result now ! The new version of the app includes a gallery of 7,000 pictures for 650 sites & monuments. Of course, this is not the end: we will add thousands of pictures for hundreds of other sites and monuments. Importantly, all pictures are available for Free users of our app too: it took us many months to get OK to re-use photos owned by bloggers and ancient Rome enthusiasts. So we are in the sharing mentality: Visuals are free to everybody.

A little reminder about what our app offers now:
- 4000 ancient sites and monuments located precisely on the map (and regular updates)
- Every site described, ranked with a five star system, and offers recommendations for "what to see there"
- Sites include information regarding: "nearby places", "custom list of places", "how to get there", etc.
- All original content comprised of 830,000 words, equivalent to 1,500 pages of text
- Gallery of 7,000 pictures for 650 sites and monuments (regular updates)
- Library of 300 ancient texts in English with geographical places indexed and linked to ancient sites
- Links to external content e.g. "Historic England", "Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical sites", and Wikipedia
- "Free" users have access to geolocation of all sites, to the ancient library and to all visuals
- "Pro" users also access to all original content, can use extra features and can share content on social media

So... Just go to the "download" section, install the app and make your own opinion. If you have a suggestion, a remark or if you have spotted a bug, please write us to contact@timetravelrome.com We are always happy to hear from you !

Time Travel Rome
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July 02, 2019
We have photos !
Finally ! It took us a while, but we did it: we added visuals. We stop being "yellow pages" of the Roman Empire. What we will become ? - You decide. :)

Back to visuals. We start with Rome: the newly released version offers some 800 pictures for 195 roman monuments in Rome, and we are working on the integration of thousands of other pictures for hundreds of other Roman sites. Pictures are available for both Free and Pro users of the app. The new version also adds some 100 new ancient sites, mostly in Turkey and in Eastern Europe.

If you wish to contribute your pictures of a rare Roman ancient site, please do ! Send us an e-mail to contact@timetravelrome.com and we'll get in touch !

Also, don't forget to visit our blog www.timetravel-ancientrome.com Our best writers contribute there regularly, several times a week !

Time Travel Rome
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from our team
New blog, app update and much more
Hello! We would like to share with you a couple of news. First, we are currently working on the integration into the app of thousands of photos depicting ancient Roman sites and monuments. We think that IT developments will take us another few weeks, but after the release the app will become even more attractive for all ancient Rome enthusiasts ! We will seize the opportunity of this forthcoming update to fix a few bugs so that crashes become even less frequent. Second, we have launched our blog called www.timetravel-ancientrome.com. We publish regularly there great articles about Roman cities, monuments and coins. Please visit and read us there ! Finally, please be aware that your feedback – either on app stores or to contact@timetravelrome.com is precious for us. Please feel to write to us and share your critiques, suggestions, or ideas. Best to you all !
February 20, 2019
A new version of the app
The new version contains a major update of the content: we added 430 new articles about Roman sites and monuments, which brings the total to 4532. In addition to already available guides for Rome, Pompeii, Herculanum, Delos and many other places, we have added detailed archaeological guides for ancient Corinth, Olympia, Volubilis, Messene and Carsulae - every significant monument is described there.

The new update also contains many new sites in France, Spain and in Holy Land. Indeed, Israel becomes one of the best covered countries with 196 places. For France we have now 630 places and for Spain we have 232. Of course, Italy remains the best covered one with all significand place located on the map and described.

Time Travel Rome
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